Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Toy Review: Gi Joe Mobile Missle System

I am not sure when I got this one.  I was a fan of the smaller GI Joe stuff that came out in the early 80's.   I guess the change in size made them seem like they were my own.   They were not like Micronauts which my older cousin was into first, or even the big version of the Gi Joe.  It was something that was brand new for me and I was getting into it on the ground floor.  I don't know why that appealed to me so much.  Star War I had gotten into late but being the first on the block to get Gi Joe made me feel like these were the toys I should be into.  I guess I was being sort of like Cartman I got to have the toys first, well for a week then everyone had them and often better ones.  I got the mortor soilder first which was cool but not the best of the group.

This was one of the vehicle toys that came out a few months later after the figures were established.  It was sort of a trailer with missiles that could be pulled by the tank or jeep.  I guess it was cool I mean what is going to sand up to freaking missile but it seemed like a bit of overkill considering Cobra only had three guys at the time.

I think I was most impress that the figure Hawk it came with was the commander.  I somehow decided he was the top guy in charge of Gi Joe.  I don't know if that was wrong or right but I had to have this because of it.  I am sure I make my parents lives hell because of it.

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