Friday, November 02, 2012

Toy Review; Micronauts Star Searcher
One of my favorite toys of yesteryear was the Micronauts Star Searcher.  Micronauts were sort of weird toys as they came from Japan and felt like several lines of toys all thrown together.  This one fit in with the see through Time Traveller Micronauts and their little vehicles.  They all had parts that could connect together in some fashion and work to build new never through of toys.  I always liked that, it allowed you to use your imagination and was cool for those of us without legos.  This one was great as it was almost more of a building platform than a vehicle itself.  It has all sorts of components from a gun to a crane to a cockpit.

These toys really provided hours of fun with all you could do with them.  I wish they would redo the micronauts and make sure to keep in the building aspects of the toys.  But with Mego gone I really don't see that happening.  Any way a great toy from my youth.  The image comes from the good folks at Final Frontier Toys.

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