Thursday, November 08, 2012

Toy Review: ERTL Darrel Waltrip Mountain Dew playset

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I have been hunting for pictures on this one for a while but came up short, well except for this small one of the hauler.  I know this was a Christmas gift and I want to say it came from the 1981 Montgomery Wards Christmas catalog.  It was actually a really cool set that came with much more than you see in the picture.

There was this hauler but also a full stock car that went with it.  Also included was a nice Darrell Waltrip action figure and a bunch of tools and toys related to the pit crew.  The figure was super articulated for the time moving at the wrists, ankles and even having full movement of the head.  The Gi Joes of the time didn't even have swivel arm battle grip.  With this thing you had extra tires and all sorts of little tools to loose, it was very cool.

I ended up passing this along to my friend Mark who is a Mountain View collector and liked it more than my parents closest did.  I only had the hauler by that time speaking to how easy it is for a kid to loose stuff. 

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