Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Toy Review: Spirograph

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Spirograph is a toy I have pretty mixed emotions about.  It was cool really cool and it game kids a nice introduction into art and drawing.  But it automated the process to that you really developed no skill.  It's almost art for the talentless math nerd.  Its fun and sort of fractal but you really are not going to gain any skills with this.

I really didn't have any art training other than the mild art projects that were part of school.  I took drafting in my freshman year rather than actual art.  which is more like the high end of the spirograph technique.

The one thing I did go to religiously was a KTEH channel 54 show called "The Secret City Drawing Club with Commander Mark."  This was one of the best drawing shows that a kid could watch.  It was fun and had this on going mural that was awesome.  There were loads of terms and techniques that were demonstrated and host make it all very easy to follow.  I think any kid wanting to get into art should check it out and to make it easy here is a youtube video for you to check out.  Yes it is an awesome mustachio my friend, yes it is.

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