Friday, November 02, 2012

Video Game Review: Masteronic Action Biker

 I guess the coming Christmas has me thinking of toys and games I got in Christmas past.  This is one of my favorite cheap games from my favorite cheap game company back in the Commodore 64 days.  Here in the US it was known as Action Biker out in the UK it's KP Skips Action Biker with Clumsy Colins.  I guess that is a potato chip manufacturer in Britain that sponsored the game.  I have never heard of a video game chip tie in but I guess there was Kool Aid Man for the 2600.

This game was probably Masteronic's best.  I had three or four of them including, Knight Moves and Ninja.  This one certainly had the most depth.  You were driving around and collecting 50 items for you motorcycle.  The thing is you only had a single item present on the screen at any given time.  This required a large amount of driving around.  You were basically all over the map all the time.  Some items required you to ride up the roller coaster or go up girders in the construction site.  It was really fun and required a bunch of control.  

The items you collected generally had no power up for your motor cycle but a couple did help.  There was an extra fuel tank that allowed you to drive more before going back to the gas station.  There was a gear box that allowed you to go into fast gear.   Finally you got skis that allowed you to go on water to get the last items when was located on an island.  This was a cheap game at the time 9.99 compared to 35 or more so really a good buy.  If you are not paying it may seem like a cheap crappy game but its worth your time, its fun a challenging in its own little way.

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