Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Toy Review: Hot Wheels Garage
This was something I ended up with because my mom was sick of my toy cars being all over the place.  It was a little car centric shopping center that folded up to hold a bunch of your cars.

Looking at the picture I have no idea what the grey thing is but the tan city is what i am talking about here.  It was pretty fun with a little car wash that you could run your cars through, its the orange roofed structure in the picture.  There was a filling station and a couple of garage doors to go in and our of .  A car park and a nice ramp to run your cars down.

I remember being excited and let down because this was packaged with the smokey and the bandit fire bird.  A car all my friends were looking for and seemed to disappear quickly.  While it did come with a fire bird it was blue with light blue bird on the hood.  Not the black with yellow bird that everyone was looking for.  It was a kick in the balls for a kid expecting the ream McCoy.  Who knows it probably it the rare one now that everyone tries to get like the tall blue Snaggletooth.

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