Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toy Review: Gi Joe APC
This was another big goofy toy my mom got so she wouldn't have my toys laying around.  This is a toy troop transport ala 40k's Chimera.  As a toy its pretty much phoned in.  You can just drive it around and sort of point the turret at things.  I am not even sure it had the awesome action trailer hitch that the Vamp and Mobat did.

The things was designed to hold tons of figures.  There is seating positions and standing pegs for several figures.  Which would be cool for someone old enough to really take care of their stuff, I just held the thing by the handle/bumper and tossed all my figures in.   I mean when you mom is pissed at you for making a mess are you really going to place all your figures in carefully?  Really compared to the collectors display case this is very cool as its sort of a toy i guess.  I should have had some sort of compartment to hold  guns and backpacks but that was a minor oversight.

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