Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toy Review: Gi Joe Cobra A.S.P.

This is one of the worst toys from the Gi Joe line, which makes it perfect for Cobra.  It has a goofy snake theme and is basically a lump of plastic.  I guess it would be some sort of anti aircraft gun in "Real Life" but here its a piece of crap.  You didn't even get a figure with this.

It serves as something to be towed by your H.I.S.S. tank as it actually has a trailer hitch so i guess that was the reason it was made.  The guns and cock pit swivel 360 degrees on the base and lifts up so that your figure is in a more or less standing position.  This gives it a bit of a hooded cobra look which i think may be the only thing I liked about this thing, being slightly comical.  The wheels and stands can alternately snap into position allowing for towing or sitting around doing nothing.

Sorry I bugged you for this Mom and Dad.  I hope the gandkid made up for it.

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