Monday, November 26, 2012

Toy Review: Zartan with Chameleon swamp skier

Boy this was one everyone sort of wanted until a couple of us got one.  Awesome in description sort of lame in person.  Zartan changed colors in sun light like those Hypercolor Tshirts. He came with a mask or two that fit neatly into his cowl and of course his smooth ride.

The ride in question was the Chameleon swamp skier which was crap.  It was designed to be taken apart and look like junk, it looked like junk all the time.  Like a cereal box quality ski bike toy or something.

I am not really sure who zartan was supposed to fool.  Who is the guy in the cowl and maroon s&m clothes?  Why is he wearing body armor that shows his chest?  Dude get that guy away from the school cobra or not hes a freak.

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