Friday, November 16, 2012

Toy Review: Rubber Band Board
I was thinking about reviewing Lite Brite but whats the point really.  Everyone knows Lite Brite is cool and what it is.  I went to a school called Laneview Elementary when I was a child.  It was over in the Berryessa region of San Jose, meaning not the best side of town.  There was a lite brite in some lab room but it was a pretty price toy for our side of town.  What we had loads of were these Rubber Band Boards.  They are basically a board with rows of nails.    They allow you to make patterns with rubber bands.

I remember these being used when talking about basic geometry for the most part, but I suspect any time the teacher was tired they were busted out.  I loved them though i never could figure out the start snowflake pattern i was trying for.  I think being a introvert I didn't rush up and demand all the rubber bands I needed to transfer my vision to board.

All in all a lot of fun and probably more fun these days as a simple wood working project would be really adventurous for kids and parents these days.

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