Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toy Review: Suction cup dart gun

Always a favorite toy was the good olde dart gun.  This was something I had numerous versions of.   The picture was one that had soft rubberized darts.  Mine was red and orange but this was the nearest picture I could find.

This version of the toy was a bit flawed the darts had pretty limited weight being safe and didn't do a good job sticking.  Also you needed to cock the thing, which was not the case with the plastic shafted darts.  With those you could just cram the dart down the barrel and the spring was compressed and ready to go.  But i guess safety is important somehow.

Its a same that these toys have disappeared from the toy store, it seems like a bit of my childhood is gone.  I suppose parents worry about the combative nature of the toys, though Nerf guns are everywhere.  These are often only sold at the grocery story.

To go off on a tangent of missing toys.  What ever happened to models?  They used to be a big part of Toys R Us but now they are gone completely.  Modeling seems like a legit skill people should have, working with their hands and stuff like that.  I think the age range of models may have been swallowed up by video games but crap we need handy people.  Please get your kids some modelling crap, even if its 40K miniatures.  but better still a scale engine.  I can't do that crap and need someone to fix my car sometimes.

Anyway dart guns and toy guns in general were great.  I loved these thing and loved shooting the windows of my parents cars so they would stick.  A real shame has occurred.  Where are all the toy six shooters and kids pretending to be cowboys?  I Bon Jovi the only cowboy left riding on a steel horse with his six string by his side?


Valerie said...

I had this same gun but in red. Do you happen to know the name or maker? I'm trying to find one.

Valerie said...
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