Thursday, November 01, 2012

De Profundis: My meeting with Crowley

My Fellow Gentlemen

The man is evilness incarnate, or proposes to be.  My evening with Crowley was not what one would have presupposed.  He and his consorts have determined themselves to commit acts of vileness.  I know nothing of their desired outcome but oft I was left to wonder if this was some pantomime for my benefit.   Perhaps even their own is my wonder after the dinner. 

Much of the meal itself was not fit for civilized description.  It was best described as wholly undercooked and primarily organ meats.  The sources were not named as such though I heard some of the cuts described as primate on more than one occasion.

Mr. Crowley described he confrontation with Mr. Yeats in the lucid moments between heroine jags. As incredulous as it seems the mater is over ill reviewed poems.  Or the core of the mater resides there.  I believe that only originated the conflict and it has waxed over years, now festering into open conflict of arms.  It is not mine to resolve and so I shall leave it at that. 

The spectral forces arrayed at Mr. Yeats abode were certainly Crowleys work.  I still am confounded as to whom drew me into this argument.  I only with to extricate myself, but I find myself diving ever further deep.  Crowley wishes me to bear witness to some rite of the season before he is to address the topic more.  I hope I am to witness alone and not participate as a some sacrificial lamb.  I am to again meet with this Beast, as he names himself, in some nights hence.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reichl

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