Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toy Review: Shogun Warrior
These giant toys from Japan by way of Mattel were an odd combination of awesome and lame, but I think awesome wins out in the end.  They were huge which made them great but also hard to play with.  There were five inch metal toys in the the line which you could run around with but it was hard to do much with these giant plastic monstrosities.  Also you were going to be hard pressed to find other toys in the same scale to have the battle with.  You were pretty dependent on having a friend with one or two of them.  I had this guy Draguun and Mazinga.

These were 70's era toys that actually launched things coming out before the kid choked to death.  Draguun hurled freaking axes and had a throwing star launcher that you could wear yourself, which what even more bad ass.  Mazinga launched missile fingers like bullets. This made up for the lack of real articulation as these guys only moved their arms and turned their heads.

They are outrageously expensive now so collecting is only for the well to do.  There is a new stormtrooper that is pretty awesome too.  I think it was on think geek for awhile you may have to hunt it down a bit.

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