Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Toy Review: Robotix

This was a pretty cool idea that never really turned into anything.  I guess the idea was a building toy mixed with action figure line.  I say this because their was a figure and cock pit in my set.  I suppose you were intended to play space missions in robotic walkers and such.

The toys has all sorts of bases and wheels and what not.  The connections were some sort of female hex receptor that you just pushed male ends into, its all very erotic.  The thing that made these things move was the servo pieces. These were connected via a yellow cable back to a control box that had a series of rocker switches.  You press left and the servo spun left and right it spun right. I guess these cables also provided power to the servos as well. I know that the batter packs were not integrated into the control box which was a bit of a problem with my set.  I had the Argus set you will see below, which had all the batteries in a big block that was intended to be used as part of the machinery.    This served to present any drive motion in the toy as it was so heavy it couldn't move or if it was able to move it could only move a foot or two before the cables were at full length, and any more movement would pull the things own plug.

Cool idea that i think was better realized in the lego mind storm products.  Could have been better with a few extra long control cables or modern uses of radio control

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