Thursday, November 29, 2012

Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

This is a bit of a pricy investment but one worth every penny if you hate dealing with old crappy tree stands.  In the past I have had all sorts of tree related problems from falling over to a year we had two trees due to one dying completely.  No More with the Genie XXL.  Set up is a one person job now.  I just stick the tree in and ask if it is straight then a few stops on the lever and it is finished.  Its so easy I love this thing. The water capacity is amazing on this thing too.  You can slosh in gallons of water.  I don't know how to do things where I get money out of products I endorse and usually just bitch about stuff so I get nothing out of this.  I just love the product.  It is the one aspect of Christmas I really dread and now its totally easy.  So here is a link for you to pick up this wonderful product.

Ok being a QA Engineer there is one problem with this thing, It is really hard to fill because of its shape.  you really have to get under the tree and its hard.  But i have a solution for you, the Christmas Tree Funnel.  If you get one of these the problem is solved.  You can just stick it in the base and fill with ease.  You can find them on line, I got mine at the Bataglia tree farm I go to.

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