Friday, November 30, 2012

Game Review: Wings of Glory
We tried out Wings of Glory last night.  It was Ok I guess but like any space, flying or driving game I had trouble with the movement.  Anything that where you can't just stand and turn around I suck at. 

All in all the game seemed alright.  I liked the movement mechanic in that there was no magic movement that occurs in table to miniatures.  You use cards and place them on your models base then move your model so that it matches up with the movement card.  It seemed very measured the no one was given a clear upper hand by cheating.  We were using the most basic version of the rules so just getting used to firing arcs and flying.  So far that seemed pretty easy I am glad we didn't dive full into something with ECM yoyos and whatever else star wars offers.  You just gave the enemy one or two damage cards depending on range.  They were shot down if the damage equaled their planes hit points.

In playing it sort of became apparent that the different minis all had different movement cards which sort of allowed one of our players some extra cool tricks.  This is a bit of a problem for me in that the game seems to encourage players to get the planes they like rather than having a point cost per plane.  I think it would have helped if we were all playing on even footing.  In our game the allies were trashed by the Germans, in some part because the German plans had a total of four more hit points.  Seems like there should be some assigned point cost and lower value planes should get a little something extra for fighting higher value planes .

I think the game was good but looks like it could get expensive if you really got into it, also the planes were a little small so I was a bit nervous playing with them but I am big and often break things.

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