Monday, December 03, 2012

Strange Milestones

Some strange milestones were crossed recently and I am a bit freaked out.  I have been with my wife for twenty years now. Which is more time than with her than I have not, that seems strange.  It doesn't seem that long ago that we were dating and having a carefree life, where has the time gone?  I feel mostly the same.  Sure I am morbidly obese now and am on replacement parts but it just doesn't seem so long ago when everything was very new.  What sparked this was seeing an ornament that was part of our first real date, where we went to a Christmas party.

The other milestone was my tour of my daughters future Kindergarten class and school.  Its a real school not like the daycare pre K school she is at now.  It looks pretty much like my old elementary school, Laneview. It has a multipurpose room with kitchen, its just like I remember.  I guess the action day people purchases a school from the school board or something because its a legit school in a residential area. 

This is unnerving for someone who feels younger than the face in the mirror tells him he is.  I just don't feel like I got this old but I guess I have. 

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