Friday, December 07, 2012

Toy Review: Generic Action Man

Action Man
This was another of the pic n save purchases we. This figure looks far cooler than the one i had though the equipment was the same.  The figure didn't have the fuzzy hair or articulation and seemed to be knock offs.  They were packaged in square see through boxes with black stoppered ends.  There was no documentation I called the German G.I. Joe for most of my life after finding a couple of other products in the same section that had German writing.   But they appear through research to have been cheap versions of the Action Man line.

The equipment was the same thought, especially on this guy.  Some of my other figures were a bit odd.  The American Vietnam era soldier seems to been a combination of action figure parts.  I see several bits that look familiar from the aussie jungle fighter that were pulled for the American.  My brit WWII radio man seems to have been actually several bits from the French Freedom fighter on a basic crap figure.  I think my marine was the only figure that doesn't seem to be made up of components stolen from the Action Man line.  I have no idea if this was something the actual company did on the cheap in America or full on counterfeits sold through my local close out store. 

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