Monday, December 10, 2012

Toy Review: Sears Giant Crane

This was a great toy my parent got me at Christmas time.  This is a bit of an updated version of the toy that I had.  My version had a hock not the claw.  Also it had levers to control it not the weird turn knob thing that this version has going on.  You we would assemble the toy just the same.  You were to use a bunch of batteries in the back end of the top of the crane to counter balance which made this move slower than it needed too.  But you also needed it or it could knock itself over when trying to pick up heavier items. I sort of remember a little basket on mine, I don't see that here.  I will have to actually take some pictures of the one at my parents house.   I can tell this "newer" version makes some improvements to the crane drive mechanism that is housed in the tower piece.  A really great toy for play with hot wheels i think it's a good addition to any boys room

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