Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sci Fi story part 3

Naeliim's first indication of the settlement were the subtle markings of his people in the corridors and halls.  Well hidden and encoded the spoke volumes to those who knew how to read them.  Here Naeliim grew to better understand his hosts; and began to regret the carter even more.  The "r" was a welcome site but the block "T" for work was not.  The dotted box for brutality and worst of all poverty.  "Whoever said this was the place was a fool..."

The shot whistled past his head and directed his attention back to its source."Hold Friend!" came the greetings.  Naeliim didn't offer a reply to his new "friend", but held still and silent.  This waiting was a custom of the navigators, no gesture to raise alarm and no word until told to speak. " Ah no, this is the one are waiting on I think." came a second voice rigid and almost stiltedly directing the first."He's worn around the edges." "Yes all of them are, but this one is expected; let him in!" directed the second. 

Naeliim heard the tension on the cord release, then the man reveled himself from behind a barricade.  He was really a boy to Naeliim's eyes.  He had the first kiss of a beard about his chin and certainly wasn't full grown.  The traveler eyed the boys slingshot and laughed a bit.  If pushed the weapon would prove little use against determined arm's. 

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