Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sci Fi story part 2

Naeliim had travelled nearly two days in detour of the yawning cargo hold after discovering the stairway had fallen.  It was not constructed stair as is widely know, but a ziggurat of sorts, climbing from the hold to the elevated platform of the crane works several decks higher.  This served as highway for the many wanders and guilds of whom made up Naeliim's clan.  It would be perhaps half a generation to rebuild the mighty thoroughfare.  But Naeliim was not only worried with navigating the many decks to his destination. 

Small kingdoms arrose everywhere in these stern ward expanses of the ship.  The well established were known to the wanderer, but small villages and barony's often came or fell.  These could be blundered upon by the unwary, and would often demand some sort of toll.  The worst of these communities were xenophobic and hostile, fearing disease or under insular control.  Naeliim had crossed several communal living villages that demanded he provide work to earn passage.  He did his best to avoid contact unless the community was one he knew well.

The navigator would reach the encampment some days later to bind himself to a charter of passage.  The village offered life long passage and quartering. For his part Naeliim would guide two journeymen to the high guild for entry in the roosters.  It was a common  charter for the guides though seldom was the journey so far reaching.  Full passage and quarter was a more than fair bargain, only Naeliim's seniority allowed him to secure the charter.  Other wanderers would gladly have accepted.  But as the many troubles mounted Naeliim began to wonder if he was being short changed. 

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