Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sci fi story part 1

There was no grand hall only a simple work room. There were no flowing robed masters welcoming the many apprentices to the full membership of the guild.  This was but a couple of mentors, their handful of students and a smattering of proud relations. The hardships the settlement made these graduation celebrations ever fewer, and today was unusual. As with much taught in the craft school the words were informal but important. "You are now Journeymen, not students but colleagues." Expressed simply, "You are on your own.  Make yourselves useful."

Here the two turned to themselves with poorly contained joy and laughed.  Years of work finished and here marked as journeymen.  It was something none could take away a final seal of purity of knowledge that would serve to mark them as craftsmen in all the far flung settlements.  There was but on last rite, the entry of their names into the roll of the great guild hall. 

A journey across many miles and several decks of vertical space not without difficulty.  Routes were always shifting, some kingdoms were unwelcoming others unsettled. As craftsmen the many faulty systems of the ship would not be a hindrance but still a walker would be needed.  Perhaps sworn swords or other retainers would also be required.  The two would worry about these concerns in some hours. Now was time for congratulations and celebration.  "To Park and Klein!" was the first of many toast proposed.

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