Monday, December 17, 2012

One Lame thing about Vampire the Eternal Struggle

Ok there are cards like this.  For me half naked dude isn't the most appealing artwork.  But the real problem is that little 3 above the text section of the card.  I guess that is supposed to mean card group.  The card group being some sort of artificial method of White Wolf getting players to purchase more cards.  I guess you can only use cards of two consecutive numbers in your crypt.

This is lame and obvious not something that should really be taken into account if you are playing the game now.  They are not making new cards to buy more of and buying stuff from only a couple of  sets limits a game that already only has a fixed set of cards.  Limiting the combinations really makes a past end of life game, less exciting than it already is.

The other point I don't like about the is you have the vampires showing up once and then again several sets later.  That really doesn't seem to work well if you are trying to do one of the smaller groups of vampires.  Say like the Samedi who have several sets between them.  Are you really going to not use cards if you are trying to play a particular clan.  Even when the game was going strong that sounds stupid.  I have seen cards as high as 5 there could be higher sort of an annoying little aspect of the game I have decided to ignore.  Especially considering how hard it is to get a hold of this stuff for a cheap price.

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