Monday, November 05, 2012

Toy Review Aurora Screechers: Spider-Man Meets The Fly Race Set
I can't remember if this came for my birthday or Christmas.   They are only a month apart so they sort of workout to pretty much be the same.  I sort of liked Spider-Man because my older cousin was into him and comics.  I really had no other interest in superheroes other then when my cousin had the mego dolls.  I personally only can related to Daredevil because he is handicapped and after that terrible movie not even then.

I remember getting a bunch of slot cars stuff over the years, not that I was really into them.  I have since learned that my Dad was a big fan of slot cars as a teenager and was reliving his youth through picking up slot car toys for me.  I can remember this one being on that I liked.  It was a fixed track that sat in a box you just took off the cover, plugged in the controllers and raced.  That was nice and easy for me.  It was pretty cool there were weird bits of fly paper on the track and points where you could bump.  The game lost its luster as the card board bits wore out.  I clearly remember the lizard bending and early on, and being forced to remove him.  The spider tunnel went next.

All in all I would say it was a great introductory slot car toy.  I still think the cars look cool though I have never heard of Spider Man having an enemy called the fly.  Maybe that was just too easy.  Aurora is still around though a much smaller player.  They seem to focus on retro copies of their models.  Sort of a shame they were pretty cool and Toy's R Us wasn't as cool when I wandered through over the weekend.

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