Monday, November 05, 2012

Toy Review: Star Wars: Death Star Space Station
Continuing my lead up to Christmas, here is another present I got back when I was a kid.  I was spoiled being a sickly only child.  This one was from my Gramma.  Its the Death Star Space Station from the good folks at Kenner.  It was cool if a pain to get out and put away.

It gives you the option to play several scenes from the movie all crammed into a kid friend play space.  You have the trash compactor, retracting bridge, tower that Obi Wan shut off the power and so much more.  No figures included those you have to provide on your own.

I remember there being two problems with this thing. The middle two sections have you inserting a cardboard wall which quickly got into bad shape and was eventually unusable.  The trash compactor was another bit of poor design. You have foam bits that constantly were getting lost so the compression of figures never would force the doors open after a point.

All in all it was pretty fun but sort of wanting when compared to the space ships or land speeders that everyone had.  It was better than the early cardboard only playsets like the Gi Joe cobra missile command base but still a little lacking considering the price.  I remember this thing costing a bit but I don't remember the exact number


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