Monday, November 19, 2012

Toy Review: Suckerman
Yet that says it all.  One of the stupidest toys of all and I totally had one.  I don't understand my youthful self.  This is freaking lame in every way.  I had some idea that it would stick to everything when i was a kid like some sort of awesome wacky wall walker but no.  It pretty much stuck to mirrors and windows and only if you licked it.  It seemed like it was supposed to stretch like stretch armstrong too, he stretches to next week. But this didn't I think there was some sort of false marketing going on here, suggesting that it was fun or cool or something.  I remember getting some cocktail sword skewers that i could put in the little holds that were on the back of the reverse suckers and sort of could play with it.  but all in all Suck says it all.

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