Monday, November 05, 2012

Crescent Progressive Rock Score Card 12

I guess i have gotten away from using song titles and lyrics while doing all the Krampus rewriting.  But here is a half years of titles and lyrics revealed.

The Living Years: This is a Mike and the Mechanics song.  I don't think they did anything beyond that one record.  My friend Mark was talking about this and worked it into a poem.

The Light Shall Shatter: This comes from the Rush song Available light which is off the Presto record

Great gig in the sky: This is a songs of Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon and is probably pretty recognizable to everyone.
A family snapshot: This a Peter Gabriel song i want to say its off what we call Melt.

Thursday afternoon:
This is an instrumental track by Brian Eno I don't know the record.
I still believe: This song is by The Call off of the reconciled recording.
blood on the rooftops: This is a Genesis track from the wind & wuthering record.
Everything is A-ok, Growing on me and I am no messenger:  This all come from The Darkness.  Everything is A-ok comes from I believe in a thing called love.  Growing on me is a song from that same Permission to Land record.  I am no messenger is actually from Hawk the Slayer a movie but they used it on a song from their Hot Cakes record. 

I Palindrome I: This is a they might be Giants song. It is on the Apollo 18 record.

Cirrus Minor:Yet another Pink Floyd song this one from the More soundtrack. 

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