Monday, November 12, 2012

Video Game Review: Legacy of the Ancients C64
This was a fantastic old game for the commodore 64 and a few other systems.  I think it was released by EA back when they made good games and didn't suck.  Its a computer RPG that was standard for the time but it included some nice elements.  You had traveling over the world map, some sections that were first person as the picture displays and even some over the dungeon sections when you were storming castles.

It was made by a couple of brothers using questron as a model and then went on to make a spiritual sequel called legend of black silver. 

The basic premise is you are a farmer that finds a corpse with a dagger, mysterious coin and bracelet.  This quickly leads you to a cosmic museum.  The exhibits in the museum are odd in that some display items that you can insert the coins in and take and places that you can travel too.  At first many of the exhibits are not functional but as you progress and level up they allow you to interact with them.    This works to limit your access to items and areas.  It also works to give you something like quests.

I had  loads of fun with this back when i was a kid.  I really found it deep and had enough game play to be memorable. I liked the difference between dungeons and storming the castle parts.   This game demands and update as do many of the older EA titles.  Its funny how they have gold in the vault and keep doing the sports crap.  Seven Cities of Gold was amazing and would be a fantastic game.  Really it was the first sandbox game, they could remake it with the same ideas and loads of achievements, it would be great.  This game too!

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