Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Part 104 only small alterations

The morning after the night with Miss Deroon left Krampus brooding stewing in gloom.  The incident with the tree didn't go as Krampus hoped.  He just couldn't scare this girl, away he moped.  She even cheered when the monster stormed her class.  Laughing and giggling when he took the teacher for his lass.  Where did this one get off being so brave, it was an insult the monster would take to his grave.  One little girl that liked the brute, now stuck with a friendship he couldn't refute. 

Now instead of talking through she hopped over the fence; looking the beast eye to eye without even a wince.  She even helped hang the little lights.  A kid helping Krampus; boy Santa would laugh at the sight.  She liked Christmas too it’s something all kids do, but Idunn loved it like the beast.  Not only presents but the lights, tree, and feast.  She loved her family coming from near and far, even the uncle that lived at the bar.  She even have an eye for decking the halls, also she brought Krampus her mother's Christmas cheese balls. After being filled with treats Krampus didn't much mind this kid he couldn't eat.  She even had a good backhand with the whip, good follow through and a solid grip.

After a few visits and some time, Krampus actually started not to mind.  Idunn helped and the beast had plenty to do.  He needed many more switches and a cane or two.  Without the girls help the work might never get through.  She even figured out what the record player was all about.  Idunn was too young and her parents didn't care for vinyl.  They hated those horrid hipsters that much is final.  But the girl treated the monsters records with a ginger hand, and thought his choice in music was perfectly grand.  Sometimes they even sang together changing the words, something about the bat mobile losing wheels I've heard.

When Krampus asked Idunn if she sent a list to Saint Nick; she decided she would just give it to Krampus it would be more quick.  She even asked if he could come down the chimney instead and eat up cookies whilst she slept in bed.  The idea was so sweet the monster started to blush, but being a big monster he was much too plush.

And so the Beast, Krampus, had made a friend.  This being rare for a monster he was loyal to the end.  He told Idunn of old Christmases untold; bring the girl into Yule tides exclusive fold.  Krampus documented the long history of lights around the house, from Edison to general electric on through Westinghouse. Illuminating his secrets for decking the bows, giving her all the whys and how’s.  The monster even gave Idunn copies from his cooking book; though some called for awful ingredients it’s best not to look.  Idunn passed along to mommy those more plain.  Her mommy tried a few but her efforts were in vain.

Krampus even once gave the girl a hug.  He was stiff and awkward squishing Idunn like a pug.  But she laughed and didn't once cry.  Krampus teared up a little but said he had something in his eye.

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