Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 103

The morning after his incarceration Krampus prowled about the yard.  He thought of Ms Deroon whom he saved at his local bar.  She worked at the school a mile down the road.  If Krampus put her on his own naughty list no one would know.  School was still in session but the monster didn't care.  Love on different schedules never was fair.

Krampus broke down the door, storming into the room; throwing over a table which landed with a boom!  Some kids fled in terror others shrieked in fright.  It was only Idunn who squealed in delight.  He gave only a glance bounding toward Miss Deroon.  He hefted her up and sprang from the room.  To the window tearing up the sash, it exploded with a crash.  Miss Teacher had been bad and Krampus had the cure. It was a punishment she would enjoy, of that be sure.  It wasn't the date she envisioned after Krampus saved her at the bar, but it was one she liked more by far.

The teacher rolled over throwing an arm over the brute; it was a wild night there was to be no refute!  Miss Deroon stroked Krampus's furry chest, her night with the savage monster had been her best.  Clothes cast about the room or torn into shreds, she wondered if she'd need a new bed.  She happily laughed with Krampus stroking her hair in his paws.  For a monster he was gentle never scratching her with his wicked claws.

Krampus tongue drooped out as it often did; she enjoyed this too under the covers where they hid.  Then the beast fried up eggs; breakfast was important to start the day.  With a hug and kiss they each were on their way.

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