Thursday, October 11, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 105

The neighborhood was alive with folks wandering about.  All singing to each other most sounded as if pained by gout.  With all the caroling and shopping Krampus paid a visit to the mall.  The monster loved carols but the singing left him appalled.  For Krampus plans a lone monster was too few for the task; so he rounded up young men and gave each a mask.  They all had furry suites, chains and a bell.  Now Krampus had an army of Krampusse to raise a little hell.  The monsters stormed the Spencer's and Orange Julius stores; spanking all the maidens dressed up like little whores.  The young children for the most part were spared, but if they weren't their parents wouldn't have cared.  In line for Santa they were mostly brats and deserved a few swings from the Krampusse's bats. When Security finally came Krampus gave a call and the band of shaggy outlaws fled the mall.

Fleeing Krampus spied Idunn in line, waiting for Santa her parents glowering from behind.  The little girl's smile lighted her parent’s gloom, Papa stepping between the beast and Idunn.  Krampus smiled a fang filled grin then knocked over a big trash bin.  Here parents wondered, looking down at the little girl.  Mommy nearly fainted when Idunn's smile started to curl. 

Mommy was about to ask how she knew the giant brute, just then the elves hauled Idunn up to the fat man in the suit.  Claus asked what she would like and posed for a pictures.  Then he offered her parents advice to reign her in stricter.  Santa gave Idunn a cane and hustled here away.  He said he would see her soon on Christmas Day.  Glancing back Santa gave her a wink.  He knew Krampus too Idunn started to think.

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