Friday, October 05, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 101

Some nights later after his rounds to the bad kids of town.  Krampus was tired and sore and very run down.  Sad of spirits out monster needed a drink.  Down to the corner to the lowest of dives all dark and full of beery stinks.  Here the monster was warm and the place full and merry.  Krampus ordered himself twelve Tom and Jerry's.  Slowly getting plastered the rest of the night.  Singing with the bar Christmas songs of childhood delight.  The beast stayed until last call and got one for the road to end it all.

They spilled upon the street couples and gangs and some singles lonely with heartbroken pangs.  Krampus was leaving when he heard a woman's words spoken in fear.  No granny or Lady's need worry when Krampus was near.  Down a dark alley a date ended poorly.  The girls No's changed the monsters mood sorely.  With a bound Krampus sprang to see what was the matter.  A woman pushed a man away while he pawed at her.  High on Christmas vengeance Krampus made the man bite the curb. Then a swishy switching along with screaming was heard.  Once twice the whipping was strong and even like the tide.  The villain wouldn't be sitting after the tanning of his hide.

Long after the beating he left with the lady, clinging to his arm.  She laughed and was happy despite herself from Krampus's charm.  Leaving her at her doorstep but asked to call again, nothing serious just to check on his new friend.

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