Friday, October 12, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: part 106

Back to the furry gang Krampusse all were on the run.  Each headed for an exit after a little fun.  Knocking over displays with choruses of merry shouts.  Krampus himself laid a store greeter out.  He called to Krampus "Happy Holidays" and the monsters attitude took a turn for the worse.  For Krampus no other Christmasy greeting was worse.  Our monster had put only Christmas in his evil heart and of other holidays he was determined to have no part.  Sure Krampus remember all the ancient traditions of times gone and old.  He often mistook Santa for Odin if truth be told. He remember time before it was called Christmas, the wintry Yule. Before he was reined in by Santa, Krampus was even more cruel!

The gang broke into the movie house interrupting the show.  It was something about Pine tree Vermont hoping it was going to snow.  The monstrous band lashed the crowd howling for their blood.  Krampus himself mauled the Mayor he was known for graft and sling of the mud. The Krampusse devoured the concession stand even if the popcorn sort of stale. Glass and candy was scattered on the floor.  Everything gone, Krampus smiled contently upon the gore.

It was a gala night before the carnage came, now the rich of the splendid town lay broken and in pain. Krampus knew most were crooks and got what they deserved.  He was happy for the Jolly backdrop on which his vengeance was served.  It was the sort of night to be spoken of for years.  Krampus would swell with pride when he felt a burning of his ears.  His band of krampusse he freed on the unsuspecting town.  Heading off to sleep in a cap and long night gown.

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