Monday, December 06, 2004

Retro gaming 101 "TV Games"

I came to retro gaming through my pack rat tendencies rather than a conscious choice, but I wanted to work up something to get people started. Retro gaming has hit its stride recently, which makes the proposition much easier to start. The first question you will need to ask is how into this am I, or how much time and money am i willing to put in? I will be breaking down my guide into three broad groups. The TV gamer, The modern system owner and finally the old school collector.

Tv games are an interesting development of the past couple of years. Basically they are a self contained non-expandable gaming system. They are something like the old Pong boxes which played a defined set of games but use modern 3 plug tv connectors. All you need is a modern TV, 20 bucks and batteries and your up and playing. There are several of these on the market and I want to steer you to the best.

I personally only dip into this category of games when there is something I can't get else where. The Konami Collector's series is on my Christmas wish list and i own the Sega controller. Otherwise i say go with Atari carts off eBay. If you are interested I would say start with the Atari and Activision games. They have classic games and are easy to find. I recommend the 2 controller version of the paddle game, as those are usually games played head to head. I would pick and choose form there the games you used to play. Also if you are looking for a Nintendo Entertainment System one, i have seen something at a kiosk in the mall that i couldn't find a link for. Also there is another Sega Arcade legend game coming in January so be on the look out

hre is the list!

Atari classics 10 in 1 TV Games:
Activision 10 in 1 TV:
Atari 2-Player Paddle Controller with 13 Games (GET THE TWO CONTROLLER VERSION THESE ARE TWO PLAYER GAMES):
Konami Collector's Series: Arcade Advanced:
Namco II: Ms Pac-Man with 5 TV Games:
Sega Genesis Arcade Legends Plug N Play:*
Space Invaders Arcade Legends Plug N Play:

That's it for now look back soon for more info.

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