Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sven the teddy was very Unwell

Sven the teddy was very unwell, he couldn't breath or play or run.  Deep inside Sven's fluff had turned brown and grey.  If not washed thrice weekly someone would toss Sven away.

Sven hated wash day, even before they were begun.  They gave him a little zipper down near his wrist.  That's were they vacuumed out his fluff to throw in the wash. With out his cotton he felt like a popped balloon.  He would wait for hours patiently to his batting to be refilled. But in a couple days it would turn dirty again.

He asked all the other animals if they could lend a little fluff, most were too scared others had a different sort of fluff.  Fluff is very different it would surprise most to know.  Some Fluff is little pellets, other just rags and Steiff bears have excelsior. Sven was made of ordinary non-premium cotton which wasn't special at all.  Any bear could add a little cotton fluff, but for bears like Sven it was the only stuff. 

His days unhappy Sven worked to get through each one.  Even the days without cleaning were uncomfortable.  His zipper snagged his fur and even being touched hurt sometimes. He hid out from the other animals, none new what to say.  He didn't like being treated different or other seeing him as sick.  Most of all he hated hurting the bear closest to him when he when for a cleaning.

After month He thought of hiding beneath the sofa or letting the dog tear him up. The Cleaners often damaged animals and one was lost every month.  Some came in confused and after a week their time was up.  Sven often wanted to walk away without his fluff but he was scared of that too.

One day he awoke with a new seem of stitching across his belly and the prickly pains of being sewn up.  He learned he had been taken to the seamstress who had packed him full with her own bag of fluff.  Then Sven wasn't a sick toy and he could play all he liked.

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