Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thoughts on the curent state of 5th edition D&D

Having looked over the recent posts on Tales from the Yawning Portal, I am less than thrilled.  I love many of the adventures and believe they should be updated and made available for every edition of the game.  That said there is something missing from the core of 5th edition that needs attention.  There just isn't enough rules to give the game enough variety.

We need more specialties, skills and options from the 5th edition of D&D and just are not getting them.  Combat bard or Spellish bard are ok for a video game but not a table top rpg.
More cultural flavors or era specific specialties would help.  Perhaps an option to trade specialty entirely for a few feats could be something, if their were more feats.

I'm sure it could be suggested that I am missing the point of the rules light style.  We could just play the character to match whatever trop or concept we wanted.  My friend once said, "I really like my samurai character, it's the first time I've had a character I want to play that can actually do something in the game."  This was a 3rd edition spirit folk samurai that wrote poetry and frequented tea houses.  It gets to the idea that often our fun roleplaying character may have sacrificed being mechanically sound for being an interesting character to play.  Players want to be able to do things, especially if they see other characters doing far more.

My hope is a wide reaching update product as the next book offered by wizards of the coast.  Less a region book like the Savage Coast Adventures, but rather something specially aimed rounding out the game.  Specialties and feats that help us recreate interesting characters from a wide range of settings.

Currently I like the minimalism of the rules but feel confined.  I think I can make characters from forgotten realms Cormyr and the savage coast but little else.  I would be at a loss for Kara Tur and completely adrift in Dark Sun. 

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