Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Victorian Aegis 3

Honoria's cab slowed drawing her ire. "Driver proceed!" she called out annoyed but there was no movement. "Lady, the street it is stopped." replied the groom wary of her ill mood.  Lady Algor insisted on impecable service or her temperment changed to intolerable. "Then make them move."

The horses began to rear as a pair of men raced across the street.  The large man show a glance backwards.  His steps slowed after crossing, but his fellow wheeled backwards upending them both.  There pursueor now emerged from the very alleyway they raced toward.  His face a horror mask still cackling as he bounded over the two.

In seconds the groom was thrown from the cab by the devil.  It began at the reign, lashing the horses forward.  Honoria cried out for help which boolstered the large man's humors to rage.  Grasping at the coach as the horses began to run he felt himself in motion.  Strong arms pulled his big body to met the devil in the coachman's seat.

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