Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bright Ambassadors of Mourning

Once welling tears caramelize and burn
breathing away in to a honey haze.
my murky lenses prism my sight.
I’ll paint a stead from cloud and ride.

Over the sky to a shimmering lonely sea.
Walk on a shore of shattered jewels.
Waves crashed and broke all the more.
Dancing with a white pallid diamonds light.

I strode upon the impossible shore.
Until I bleed, cut and soar.
through the murk I spied an ebon sail
shifting upon the milky looking glass

No standard nor claiming mark, it bore
A tall pale ghost haunted the ship.
Circumstance bound our blood, cold
and lonely. And I waited dreaming

With a gurgle and gravely clacker
The boat bore into the Glittering shore
Under a sail of torn velvet and gold
A sullen robed row man held out a hand

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