Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Metaphysical Mayhem

I started reading a book on Leibniz the other night, which isn't uncommon. I'm one of those losers that starts books and puts them down after fifty pages. Defeated but I feel good for making the initial effort to buy the book. I guess you could call me a possessionist intellectual, I own the book ergo I'm imbued with the knowledge therein. It's sort of like when owl eyes ,T. J. Eckleburg himself, was talking about Gatsby's books being real. Fake books for show like I'm existential outcome of the book case. I've read a few though, that Gatsby out of shame for faking my way through in high school, sorry Mr Helley.

Back to Leibniz, though I cant say much after ten pages, I'm not into the calculus just the algebra of though idea. Metaphysics in the philosophical sense, not the weirdo hippy stuff. It just sounds so important and academic that it might impress someone. The more I read that, the lamer it seems. That is sort of the big problem in my life really, self worth. What the hell am I doing with my life? daily fucking question for me!

I test software, WTF!! That is really giving the world a hand. "Hey now you can download news automatically to your desktop." Somewhere I figure the metaphysics has to be more important. How about a metaphysical approach to unified field theory? Nah string theory has enough systemization of abstract object to go around. Perhaps a contribution that justifies existence just isn't the point.

knowing is half the battle.

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Dulake said...

The other great detail about Gatsby's library was not only was it stocked with "real" books, but the library itself was in the center of his mansion, in the center of the parties and the money. It was at the "heart" of Gatsby's life. Just like his mansion, there was something very real inside Gatsby. That is an excellent scene, one which I used to talk about often, but nobody remembered.

When I came back from Hollywood/School and got involved with the same crowd I'd been hanging out with the same crowd as before I left, I felt like Baron Munchausen when he found his mates inside the giant fish. He wanted to give up and simply play games and grow old. He started to age. The lack of adventure was aging him. Then, I realized why I came back. I was tired of philisophical theory, I was tired of "this is how to live" or "that is how to live" and decided to just live. Or "this is art" or "that is art" and just accept something for what it is. I tried to understand that all things exist because they fuel some other other purpose. Nothing is good, nothing is bad, it's all somehow just necessary. So, I try to do the best I can to adhere to the general rules of society, and hope for the best. Practice good karma. I think it was John Lennon who said "The love you take is equal to the love you make." Or, "Instant karma is going to get you, gonna get you right in the face."

So, don't feel like a lazy suck for not finishing a book. There is plenty of good karma in 10 pages of Leibniz. Remember for every person who reads 10 pages of Leibniz, there is someone who reads 10 pages of Guns n' Ammo. So, what 10 minutes do you think provided the best results.