Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Sometimes you feel like a beatnik sometimes you don't

This sounds too much like i was trying for Kerouac and has too many floyd songs referenced. It goes into some sort of hippy nature spiritual smeg which certainly isnt me. I must have been listening to my cousin Rick's band Sunfur while writing it normally im a card carrying facsist. But here goes

I dream of a far off road.
Earth scored furrows fan
as I drift on the gray river.
running to the mourning sun

Old winter dead trees stood
hung with blackbirds low
Coaking a hoarse welcome
and I smiled with the sound

Reno was cold and bright
burning life and dreams.
A waste of masked dead
flavored and salted, rott

The desert was kissed with rain
when we road through at night
Yet it hummed and buzzed new
Ancient spirits sang welcome.

That salt white flat I didn’t like
A sea of ash boundless, infinite
The sky the same grey, void
Direction meaningless. I say

These prophetic memories are
unraveling my life, all the yet
Dancing flashes of her face.
To her and them I am bound.

Following unmaking the truth
I trusted in. My faith in myths
and tales, dreams of the fathers.
My ears bleed as we climbed .

Some where up that mountain my
kinsmen have long been waiting.
Carts encamped, Singing call
To their children , for to come home.

The clouds broke open to the sky
A blue hard to tell from black.
From the road I looked down
The clouds shifted below us.

The thin air rushed over my lips
Weak and feeble it could not hold
us as me washed over the road.
A lone cricket bowed farewell to day

The night greeted us with lamplight
We pushed harder, howling with joy
The old wood building warm with life
Candle golden faces smiled within.

We floated to a birth by and oak
The old seminal tree sheltering us,
I thanked it for such kindness.
We trode upon gravel toward the light

Glassey chimes and wooden knocks
we heard from the hearth.
I heard folkey singing over the chatter too
We stood half dazed looking to the fire.

Her voice hummed with honey
we turn, god she as pretty.
Derek danced with her, to old songs
I hated him then, but she was not my love

A fit fell upon me sitting alone.
I fled to the room out in the back.
Chattering and shivering with cold
Some foul humor turned my blood.

I called out boiling water from the tap
Burning out the evil, in the shower.
Absolved I fell upon my bed. clean
seared red where once pale but clean.

We held up late in the mountain
Derek dancing with her again.
I climbed a hill to a hidden place
open to the sky, and fell to the ground.

The city lights were all gone.
Staring up at that hollow sky above,
Dreaming her face in the stars.
The dark things swallowed into the ground.

I am too alone for dreams like this.
Imaging songs about Salisbury hillsides.
I crawled like an insect, back.
Derek and I left with a foggy dawn.

We soon were drowned in oceans of wheat.
swimming to an unseen city, on limitless
roads, racing against the sunset.
My thoughts a peaceful fluid flow.

Droning, I looked out the window.
Doped to old memories by the sun.
Her voice softly drawing me in.
Lights in her eyes as she laughed at me.

That wicked fat old sun above.
She blinded me with boiling light
Weaving torturous visions in that light
Smiling content in my pain.

Moon give me back my eyes.
Sweeten this pain so I can see.
Save me from this sinister siren.
Drape me in velvet and we’ll go home.

We ate some truck stop dive.
I trusted in a well burn piece of meat
and laughed at Derek when he was sick.
He cursed me but I just grinned .

The night came cool and delicate
and I smiled at the moon above us.
Guide and saviour in the night sky.
A cresent below uncle north star.

Drowning out the music I closed my eyes
Somewhere over a dark meadow,
Black grey clouds are dancing
to her will, painting imagined voices

I used to lay with her as it drew cold
Struming the four chord I knew.
Dancing like a fool on a hill under the moon
and she smiled and laughed, thats all I needed.

We watched the clouds spilling above.
Derek snored as I drove into two suns.
We stopped in a walled city of the plains.
Slept and smoked on the river bank.

I left Derek in chicago in the rain.
He said I’ll see you back home.
I touched my face and formed
some sort of smile and waved.

He coughed as climbed to the door.
The sun broke the cloud as he stood
there at the door step washed in light
He was gone, damned old sun.

I rubbed my eyes and swore.
and then numbly got in the car.
Late at night under the golden moon
I Looked back and said goodbye.

I raced up north

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