Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Goodbye to Romance

Well that last thing was pretty old, probably 11 years or more. I remember being proud of it when I wrote it, but I doesn't wear as well these days. Sounds sort of whiny like a Cure song or something by Roger Water's. My posts in no way represent a timeline of my writing, more a scattered haze of dates and half rewrites. I try to leave old things as is, but edit a bit here and there. In the past I worked songs into my writing, for some reason. You probably have noticed that if familiar with metal and progressive rock.

Really what I am doing here is forcing myself to write and re evaluate my old stuff. Get on me if you see me slacking. I think I have set this up so anyone can comment.


P.s. I'll work something up as recommended listening, prog can be scarey as can metal. Start with some REO Speedwagon for now. I loved them at 6! Or give the title track a listen.

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