Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Time Stand Still

Buying records is a bit too intimate an experience for me, anyone ever get this feeling? That moment where the cashier rings up the purchase and paws over my stuff, I feel like I'm being judged. When i come up wearing my leather jacket and and headstrong attitude, I feel like the cashier is saying bullshit as he looks at my Counting Crows CD. Yep I like em, I have all their records, I see you are shocked but it gets worse. I have some kix and Jonatha Brooke too! The Maiden isnt just a front, but sometimes maybe it is. I've been listening to classical lately, Derek's to blaim, some days I can't face Reign in Blood. Does that mean im old?

A year or two ago I got an "excellecent selection", when picking up "Heaven and Hell", from the cashier at Rasputin. So I know they are looking. This weekend ran in and bought some sure light weight stuff. I had to buy a Celtic Frost bumper sticker to not feel like an old man. I know they are like 20 years old but at least they have some rebellion in them. Well except for that time they sold out on Cold Lake. Man I'm grasping desperately at youth I think that does mean im old.

Well back to listening to Brain Salad Surgery and Dave Gilmour

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Dulake said...

Interesting how you mention Reign in Blood and classical music in the same sentence. Probably not a first, but a rare bird indeed. I think it was in "Decline of the Western Civilization" a documentary on Heavy Metal music, that I saw an interview with Slayer. The journalist asks Slayer who their influences are, and they reply with a list of fairly obvious influences and then suddenly, Kerry King, I believe, says J.S. Bach. The journalist chuckles a bit not knowing what to think of that comment, and dismisses the idea that Slayer was influenced by J.S Bach, then, the entire band, almost in unison, says "we're serious." And, by the tone of their voice, you can tell they are not joking. It was an intersting moment for me as a young an, knowing that Slayer actually liked Bach. Now, that I am older and discovered the music oif Bach, I find it no surprise. The music of Bach is some of the heaviest music around. Listen to the bass clef in any of his compositions. It's pretty damn heavy.

But, to answer your questions, "yes" it probably means we are getting older, but also wiser. It is a common characteristic of youth to understand only the narrow way, it the gift of age that makes blurring boundries possible.

I don't know if grapsing at youth is such a bad thing, but grabbing desperately at anything probably means something. I only know this because I've been grabbing desperately at many things for many years. It is only recently that I have stopped grasping desperately and started simply moving forward when I can.