Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bonded by blood

To summarize some level of work I am trying to connect a mass of accounts of travels that look for and sometimes even find insight upon the roads A certain association of modern skalds strives for what they call small epiphanies in their works This categories well what I am referring to when invoking the Scarecrow A semi mystical voice from whence knowledge can be found The term itself is borrowed from said enclave of entertainers In my works the passenger is not a constant nor even the driver as often I am only a transcriber of tales i have heard I personally find insight only when I am closest to self or perhaps in moments of conversation where one can let down the guards and speak freely the sort of communication that begins with exhaling and then revealing that which is most often hidden Perhaps another of a more social disposition would find wisdom with more noise though i personally doubt there is much wisdom they will find With regard to my lack of punctuation i have found this much easier to quickly right and also find it harder to censor myself which could prove i reveal more than i might wish Which is in itself something of a goal

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