Monday, May 02, 2005

Denim and Leather

Were you there is 79 when the dam began to bust? I was a little late myself, and it never snows in San Jose so waiting at the Cactus wasn't in the snow. I would mention the Pony Express Pizza but, that's something a friend talked about, I wouldn't know. I guess buying taps at Longs Drugs doesn't much count as a heavy metal commitment, when your choosing between Ozzy, Warrant and REO Speedwagons' "This time we mean it".

I guess i'm talking about something I only half hearted lived, with a denim jacket sans Maiden back patch. But I got BAM and read that Stefan guys columns and checked the shows. Sad when you find your freedom a couple months after summers gone and your left with Y & T reunions at the county fair. But that's the life of the timid headbanger wanting to see Testament but not really wanting to go to some youth center in Oakland for the show.

In ways it summarizes my life waiting on the side lines with something holding from saying or doing what i desperately wanted. If i distilled it down, it's somewhere in the fact that I'm not really comfortable in a party full of friends and hide outside or run off to Keystone to play Midnight Wanderers on 3 wonders.

Connections and comfort aren't the same for me. It's arms distance until its safe. If you hear Exodus blasting from a car and glance over banging your head with the beat, that's cool.


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