Thursday, August 24, 2006

Golden Brown

I have been waiting on autumn for sometime now and on slow and dragging feet it's nearly hear. I guess i am looking forward to having something to look forward too. An excuse to want to see the people i seldom see or finally let myself feel the pangs that i havent called those long deserving. To admit there maybe hope If one can commit to the underlying work and not turn to video games and solitary mope.

To my friends I am sorry. Derek I should have given you a call long ago and have let inlaws and video games reign me. Rick you deserve those CD's and I am a terrible flake. Mark your my friend and I dont know how to be there for you with your mom so sick, cuz im a weak. Joseph you probably deserve to hear why i flaked out of your game but I didnt want to say I wasnt having fun anymore and i feel at odds with most everything you think. Ants I lost the common ground we shared and thought it was you when I am an elitist. Chiddo I never worked to find common ground with you. Dirk read the above. Brian I have been scared to submit your resume in the past because i worried you would do something weird that aint a friend thats a dick.

I guess that is the crap that I needed to get out and now need to attone for.

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Dulake said...

Don't beat yourself up too much. We're all selfish bastards :) But, you're right, you should give me a call :)