Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Water Song

Well i am sort of hoped up on Mountain dew and not wanting to work on installing CVS at the moment. I figure i would stop a moment and talk a little bit about what is going on in my life. I am going to keep it high level and not bore you with the little facts as that I am listening to someone called Richard Thompson sing "Beat the retreat" at the moment.

I went on a cruise and made it up to the town in alaska that I always wanted to see. Hoonah alaska the tinglit capital of the world. I saw some show on kteh when i was 7 talking about a kids life there. I wanted to go ever since!

Denise and I are going to more shows these days. Testament has passed and Megadeth is coming up. I wish we went up to see Zero Hour but that is no biggie. Its fun to see some of the old bands in tiny clubs like Bourbon street.

I am doing weights and trying to get in a less round shape. Doing legs and back one day, then shoulders and finally chest. Trying to keep it to a major muscle group a day like that but also push myself to increase weight. I am going to try some cardio at home tonight maybe i can lose some too.

yeah thats a hot tuna reference

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