Tuesday, October 03, 2006

of the unknown aloysius

it begins with sleep. In Truth I am not even me mostly better but often worse. Within confused lands I am Aloysius.

Through Dust and crust other dreamers dreampt as ants we crawled or flies waited singular for windshields. This time birth came calm with little control, Croutched and crowded on disgruntled and decushioned bucket seats. Fainly with old fries but more ozone shocks of wires installed with uncertified percision. From trash heeps and old insulin bottles this was Haddibaugh's Auto. Peering lazily amit baroque banners pasted and plastered over windows recollection came slow. High industrial cloverleaves climbed over trailing miles of light manufacturing; stretching endless on and strangly carless under a supposed weekday sun.

Location not often clear in these tales and threw memory and oneiromancy murk these are but guesses. Some signs spoke of Sunny Vales spiralling climbs above train lines....Side lying tressels by Monterey came to sight and made sense with bland and bleak buildings abandoned in abated decay. All eyes wide as we arrived far south oaken ridged mountain views burnt to golden hue. Lakes and streams overcovered in asphalt marked direction and rationed out location momentarily free. From This sea arose structure that soon loomed above use with dangerous weight. Celebrated nothing ringed in shoppes in only seconds attendants would greet Haddibaugh in throngs. Each falling over himself to honor this imperial host of the illicit and illegal. Entangle with entourage Haddibaugh would be hours and I, alone.

Dreaming eyes presumed I search for Anglac Axebearer and other companions missing in the amassed sea. Soon i accompanied Nicene who stalked with nonesuch beauty,throwing open doors on september dark skies spiced with autumn and smoke. Far forests burned and yield up long the long sun drinking twilight in which we walked. Along lakeside parks nearly silent we crept about Jatte shorelines now solitary.

quotes came with her words pasquinade and poignant, envenomed ironic yet as tintinnabulate verse. Ribbons from her neck she lashed down my yoke so i dragged behind as she spoke. Willowing across valley wind washed all wild and struck. Driving whindes of her hair upon which I was fixed. At times she glanced back silent her face brightly fixed; as if masked by a photograph of her smiling face.

Through parks and suburban flat land we wandered toward her waiting home. Glancing in windows to see how others lived, we walked miles of three modeled repeating development. Navigating laberynths of poor planning toward the vales of higher rent. Into passes burnt golden in late summer she left me as paths split high upon the hill side and walked on lone, leaving me to recover from her memory, again alone.

High upon these trails i walked on hours vaguely toward home. Pausing on oaks low in the valley thunder rolled in bound up with words from high left. Half mocking and laugh a bone thin troll watched me from northward peaks calling at me. Big for a man he was heads well bigger and seemed some red capped goblin king under rollags of pumpkin red hair. In few bounds he towered over me smiling. This was Macalbee the giant a friend of friends and at least meant no harm. Also so he saught Anglac and would lead me back to the parking in moments, though in ours i left.

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