Friday, March 18, 2011

Star Fleet Battles

I was given my first introduction to star fleet battles last night. I am really not sure it is my cup of tea. It reminded me of battletech, I think it may have originally been under Fasa so It would make sense.

I really didn't like the feeling flight in the game. I felt very hampered in what I was doing, I wanted to turn around and just fumbled around trying to vaguely turn left. I guess i was supposed to plot out a course or something but learning i just wanted to try to turn. My be i was supposed to turn to the left and point of slip to the right; I really don't know. I just felt like meh I don't want to think about this. Perhaps Battle fleet Gothic is more my thing, well except for the use of that satanic metric system.

I am really not a war gamer which may have been some of my problem. I just suck at thinking on the large scale and want to do the pen and paper RPG sort of thing. I would like to give SPi's Sniper a try that looks interesting. Also i wouldn't have to model vehicular turning.

I think i would like 40K in chit form do they have that anywhere?

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I love you.