Monday, July 01, 2013

Dear Sony

Hey Sony

How is it going?  Long time Xbox owner here.  As you expect I am pretty scared about this xbox next, it just doesn't seem like my sort of thing.  I like my console as an offline gaming experience and just buy my games to play them on my own.  I just recently tried some Downloadable content for the first time, it felt weird not sure I liked it. 

Oh just some stuff for my Rocksmith game, Blue Oyster Cult stuff like that you know.  I play with the bass!  It was sort of goofy how my xbox life account created its own user on my xbox.  I don't know if that was cool as my wife and I use different log ins on that game because we are at different levels on the guitar.  Also Her Dean has different headstock than my Gibson. I am still not sure the new songs are added to all accounts, which worries me.

I am rambling i know.  So I am thinking of moving on to your PS4 as the stuff described in the xbox next I just don't like.  But there is one thing, I am new to your titles and have heard there are a few games I should try out as PS fan boy, I am supposed to be a PS fan boy now right?  Anyway God of War sounds like something I would like to give a try.  But I hear you are not going  to do the backwards compatibility thing.  That sort of sucks, I want to try out all your old PS only games I have been missing out on.  What is it uncharted?  I think someone said that was good.  Can you please give me some option to play these Sony only games?  Xbox gave you the Ninja Gaiden games eventually, maybe not number 3 which sucked anyway.

Well Thanks

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