Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pink Elephants on Parade

Having established a new home for myself up in Vancouver Washington I still miss The Bay.  Being fat I hella miss the food, mexican specifically.  There is one decent place in Vantucky called Don Taco, but damn do I miss Mountain View.  Taqueria Los Charros, Fiesta Del Mar, and King of them all La Costina.  Fuck I miss Lard!! 

It's like nobody knows that Tueday is the day for Tri Tip.  People hear my words and get yourself an awesome steak sandwich.  Get yourself to Kal's in sunnyvale!  Go to Steve's my redwood shores brothers and sisters.  Work by the Airport go get Henry's awesome blue cheese Caesar salad.

And for Dinner, lets throw down some Stromboli at Tony Dimaggios.  Damn I miss you my dives!  I grow fat trying to sate my lust for you, yet only the real things may due.

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